Our business is helping to protect yours

Carl Santa Maria

By Carl Santa Maria

Since the founding of Santa Maria & Company in 2001, we have experienced significant changes to our world. We have endured 9/11, witnessed the dot com bubble burst, seen an explosive housing market and then witness it crumble, we have felt the great recession and its slow recovery, seen miraculous advances in disciplines from technology to medicine, iPhones and iPads and promising gene therapies. Things move fast.

New threats have emerged. Issues of privacy, data breach, cyber liability, terrorism, to name a few. All the while, our businesses continue to contend with responsibilities to our employees, customers, members of the public and making sure our own assets are protected from danger.

When this firm was founded, it was my vision to build the best team in order to provide the best solution every time. As you read about the various services and solutions that we deliver, I think you will see that underlying each segment is a commitment from our people to achieve that goal. We believe that our diverse skill sets can serve businesses which are large and complex as well as small firms and start ups that need traditional support. Our business is helping you protect yours.

We intend to position ourselves as advisers of high quality and take our place beside your accountant, attorney, banker, and other professionals.

You can count on us. This is our promise to you.

Santa Maria & Company: Experts in Risk Management and Providing Peace of Mind

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