Insider Advantage: Three Reasons Former Underwriters Make Better Brokers

By Craig M. Santa Maria

I’m sure you’ve heard the old proverb: “Walk a mile in another man’s shoes before judging him.” It’s a good lesson in empathy and tolerance and certainly helps prevent a lot of misunderstanding and conflict.

The basic tenet that shared underwriterexperiences create greater understanding is relevant in all types of personal interactions, even purchasing insurance coverage for your business. In my experience, a broker who has “walked in the shoes of” an underwriter has a significant advantage in putting together the most appropriate coverage solution with the most
favorable terms.

In my eight years as an underwriter and 14 years as a risk adviser and broker, I’ve found there are three key advantages underwriters-turned-brokers have when negotiating on your behalf:

  • They present your business more favorably – The job of an underwriter is to measure risk exposure and determine the premium that must be charged to insure that risk. With intimate knowledge of how business risk is measured, former underwriters are best able to improve the underwriting process in a way that addresses concerns and makes your risk profile most attractive.
  • They use their experience and knowledge to suggest terms and pricing – Underwriting experience enables a broker to proactively develop a cost and coverage model that has a high probability of success.
  • They use time to your advantage – The underwriting process can require considerable time and resources. Underwriters are stretched for time and capacity, so your company must compete for adequate attention. Many times the process is mismanaged, resulting in reflexive rejections or last minute offerings, leaving you little time to review and negotiate. A seasoned broker with an underwriting background will have strong, trusted relationships with carrier decision makers. This will eliminate inefficient uses of time, good will, and resources, resulting in a better negotiation and more agreeable terms.

When the time comes to renew your existing coverage or make changes to meet the needs of your business, talk with a broker who has solid underwriting experience. I think you will clearly see a positive difference in their ability to meet your risk insurance needs.

Craig Santa Maria is President and COO of Santa Maria & Company (SMC), a risk management consultant and commercial insurance broker in the San Francisco Bay area with deep expertise helping companies protect what is most important to them: their assets, their employees, and their futures. Contact SMC at 925-956-7600 or online at

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